Indoor Air Quality

Air purifiers and
ventilation units

Breathing healthy air is now the priority

Exposure to indoor air contaminants has a direct impact on people's health and comfort.

Sistemas de ventilación y purificación de aire para tienda

Solutions to improve indoor air quality (IAQ)

Now it is particularly important to have equipment for ventilation and air purification.

At S&P we have been providing ventilation solutions that guarantee optimal indoor air quality conditions for more than 65 years.


Discover our air purifiers and ventilation units ranges adapted to each of your needs.


Stand-alone air purification equipments

Simple to operate

Ideal for premises or buildings that do not have adequate ventilation systems or as a ventilation accessory in the elimination of specific contaminants, including viruses and bacteria.


How does stand-alone air purification equipment work?

The air purification equipments traps contaminants in the indoor air.

The dirty air is sucked in by the equipment and, after circulating through the different filter stages, clean of contaminants, is returned to the interior of the premises.

Sistemas de ventilación y purificación de aire para clínica dental

Discover the air purification range

PAP 850 / PAP 650


PAP 420 / PAP 350




Boost current ventilation systems

The complete solution

Sistemas de ventilación y purificación de aire para restaurante

Ideal for premises or buildings that already have a ventilation system but need to adapt their performance to new requirements in terms of indoor air quality.


How does filtration works in a ventilation system?

Air filters in ventilation systems reduce the concentration of pollutants in the indoor air by replacing it with filtered outdoor air.

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