Breathe easy in the knowledge that your ventilation system is under control.

What is Connectair®?

Connectair® allows you to control your S&P ventilation system remotely and from any device.

Guaranteed optimal indoor air quality and maximum comfort at your finger tips.

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Intuitive and user-friendly

Zero concerns



  • Accessible and easy to control. Access the status of your ventilation system and control it whenever you need.
  • Maximum comfort. Check the environmental conditions in your home and adjust the ventilation remotely when you need to.
  • Remote maintenance. It guarantees the optimal operation of your ventilation system.




Control at your finger tips

Through your personal ventilation platform, you can:

  • Monitor the air quality in your home.
  • Regulate the airflow.
  • Adjust schedules.
  • Activate the bypass (on those versions that have this option).
  • Check the condition of filters and their maintenance status, among other things.

Compatible with Google Assistant

Use S&P’s IoT to maximise the value of your connected products.

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