Sustainable in-line ventilation units, containing 85% recycled plastic


Your commitment to the planet is also our own

We have seas, oceans and natural environments swamped with plastics, and it seems we are not going to solve the problem in the short term.

We need real projects and actions to prevent those tons of plastic waste.

We believe that the collection and transformation of plastics has to move from being a fashion to being an obligation for everyone.


85% recycled plastic, 100% S&P technology

Their design, efficiency and effectiveness remain the same. Where the new in-line ventilation unit stands out is in the materials used, based on recycled plastics. TD EVO ECOWATT comes to the market flying the flag of the first sustainable in-line ventilation featuring the best S&P technology.

botella de plástico

The first step towards responsible plastic use

The UN is warning that every year more than 400 million tons of plastic are created in the world, while less than 10% of the waste is recycled.

Today, the consumption of certain materials such as plastic and cardboard is an everyday reality. But that should not be harmful to the environment.

Some 79% of the plastic rubbish created ends up in tips or is thrown away in natural environments.

This plastic, when not handled in the correct way, causes environmental problems, such as the emission of greenhouse gases and the presence of microplastics in the oceans.

That is not a reason to stop using it, but to do so in a responsible way.

This means following a process of manufacture, consumption, recycling and a return to the starting point in order to give plastics a new life. A circular economy that can transform rubbish into t-shirts, bicycles, artificial limbs and, of course, in-line ventilation units.

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